Brian O'Kelly is an award winning photographer living and working in the Seattle, Washington area. For over 30 years, Brian and his camera have been nearly inseparable. As an avid sportsman and adventurer, most of his work is of the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.


Newspaper Career

In the early 80's O'Kelly studied journalism and used his camera to document local news for his publishers in Orange County California where he was involved for the first time in the newspaper industry. Moving to the Seattle area in 1984 O'Kelly continued to work in the newspaper business. .In 1993 O'Kelly covered the "Timber Summit" when president Clinton visited Portland to negotiate changes for the timber industry. During his stay O'Kelly was successful in capturing the President in several shots including this one from outside of the Benson Hotel. In 1999 O'Kelly was present for the WTO riots in Seattle also known as the "Battle of Seattle" where he documented the violence and police activities in the street during the multi-day standoff.


Fine Art Photography

O'Kelly says he sees the hand of God Almighty everywhere he goes. It is his belief that the "eye" for an image and the "knack" for capturing the right combination of elements, lighting, composition and all of the other things that are required to produce an image are true gifts from God. To capture the images O'Kelly gets is no small task. Hours driving in the predawn darkness to a location scouted for months because the weather forecast looks like it might be "just right' only to find out that it's all for nothing on that day. Many of the images you see here were only acquired after hours or even days with a backpack strapped to his back and miles away from the civilized world. It is our sincere hope to deliver and extend the natural world into your home or office with the work O'Kelly produces.

My Story

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